it was over when…

my apologies if i seem a little amped today…this weekend my beloved arkansas razorbacks (don’t judge me…i was born into it) scored their first road victory in 2 years…as customary when my team wins, i scoured the internet for varying descriptions of how they were able to pull off the victory…when they lose, i prepare 2 shots of jack…i pour one down my throat and pour the other one on my modem…

the first stop on this internet tour is usually…they always provide a snapshot of every major game that occurred that weekend…calling out the top performers, quoting some obscure stat from the game and providing their “it was over when” moment…they use that last section to highlight the play that essentially put the game out of reach for the losers…of course it’s a lot Read more of this post

To Confirm or To Ignore

What if? What if I add her? What if I DON’T add her?

“What if?” is the question that I find myself asking regularly (I’ll admit it for the rest of you sitting on that friend request right now).

Why is it such a hard choice? Because I’m wondering will she fill my wall with a few too many postings (or fill my feed with Farmville requests)? Will she clutter my Twitter inbox with DMs? Or the worst case scenario, will she randomly show up at my latest 4Sq check-in?

Since I know I struggle with this, I thought I’d put together a fail proof set of criteria for making this call: Read more of this post