those guys

us, bottles, and friends

As a general rule of thumb, mix us, bottles, and friends and the stories happen and then are re-told an average of 32.3 times. In an effort to cut back on having to recite stories, we decided to capture the highlights of those stories here. The tales are 100% grade-A true stories (except for the parts we make up) with a side of sarcasm.

Expect truth and hilarity. Prepare to take away a message in some cases or an “I’m glad that wasn’t me.” Comment when you have something to share. But most importantly don’t take us (or yourself) too seriously.


My mom taught me that sharing is caring (or was that a cartoon) and we all know that moms know best.

With that said, I’ve been sharing my various tales with friends for years. However, why should you have to be my friend to get in on the story?

So I am here to share my life and related stories with complete strangers (or new bffs depending on your credit score). I’d host it at my place but you all can’t fit (and I just got the carpet cleaned). As the next best option, the internet will have to do. Cool? Cool.

If we are going to be doing all this sharing, you should know a little bit about me. I’m employed (surprising at times). I’m living in Los Angeles, CA (be jealous). I’m not married (there is still time ladies) but I have done time in long term relationships (the similarity to prison sentence is merely a coincidence). I’m college educated (don’t miss tests one bit though). I’m in love with fun (I’d impregnate it if it were a woman). I’m a fan of traveling (especially if you have a buddy pass).

Now that we are acquainted, bring on the stories.

I hope you enjoy what I share over time. If not, then we might need to take another look at this mom knows best theory.


my name is elrock but my friends call me something else…a lot of other things in fact…most of it is behind my back…but they also buy me liquor, which i like, so i let them get away with it…

as you can tell by my lack of capital letters and affinity for ellipses, i am  also not a classically trained writer…i’m an engineer that decided to give up the glamorous life to share my opinion on things i am unfamiliar with…with people i am also unfamiliar with…

when it comes to dating, i’m not a player, i just talk a lot…i’m what scientist call “lostous causous”…you know when your girlfriends  tell you about that guy they’ve been talking to for a while but they can’t tell where it’s going…yeah that’s me…minus that 2 month excursion into long distance relationship land back in early ’08, i’ve been single since shortly after college…which was a long time ago…i’m not completely afraid of commitment…i’ve had my turtle cryspus attucks for over 10 years…

i’m currently a grad student down in the ‘a’ and in my spare time i like to imagine what i’d do if i had real spare time…i would probably split it between listening to music, watching sports and reading thin books with big words and lots of pictures…oh…and sharing my opinion on things i am unfamiliar with with people i don’t know…so yeah…let’s do this…

7 Responses to those guys

  1. Tolu says:

    I’m here! hello!

  2. Brittany says:

    Ready to be entertained :)

  3. Loving it! As a bored, overly worked law student in Bama this is just the comedy relief I need! Thanks guys…

  4. Anitra says:

    Glad you all are back in business. Loved the posts.


  5. Reiya says:

    Not sure why you hotties are still single…but I dig your posts. Men’s perspectives on dating are so elusive it’s refreshing to read some candid reflections. Keep it up…;-)

  6. Marcie says:

    just discovered your blog from a friend’s RT on twitter; love it; hilarious! thanks for the entertainment; please keep it up. feels like we’re family…or at least play cousins, lol.

  7. Gordon Willz says:

    u guys are hilarious

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