easier than it looks…

With the increasing number of relationship/dating blogs and books, one would think that the act of finding someone to share a McD’s 20 piece ‘chicken’ nugget pack with was nearly impossible. However in a random polling of my remaining single friends and their courting life, I find that the process is actually rather easy and believe it or not…fun.

So why all the angst being spread out there about these supposed difficulties…for one it is a ploy to keep Mr. Harvey in the freshest pastel colored suits known to man…and it helps convince all those married people they did the right thing marrying what’s his/her name even though she doesn’t [insert that thing they like]…but mostly it is because some of us found the instruction manual only to not share it with the masses. Given ubf’s fondness for sharing (with the exception of stds and french fries), let’s uncover a few items that will instantly improve your duck dodging missions… Read more of this post


last call…thanks…

It’s that time again- the 40 day period between the end of November and January 1st , where we spend money, drink, and oh yeah… “Give thanks”. We kickoff the holiday season with the greatness of having two days off work meeting with friends and family while getting our shameless drink eat on.  Onetrik & elrock already expressed their many thanks to various parties, so it was only right that I hop on the bandwagon.  As November comes to a close, I’d like to give my appreciation to:

– Onetrik, for allowing me the opportunity to share the worst side of myself via UBF & a shameful potty mouth, all the while cutting me down to size when he feels appropriate

– Elrock, for being the resident wordsmith as he demonstrates exactly why we should avoid guys  anything like him Read more of this post

there’ll be sad songs…

now we know how much you look forward to our wild salacious rants on the ills of dating, but we here at ubf also have a softer side (that we keep stored in a safe deposit box at the public national bank on 116th and madison)…and as much as it pains us to discuss the breakups that you ladies will undoubtedly cause…we do understand that these breakups are inevitable…so today we’ve decided to take a break from discussing how you cause them and focus more on one small aspect of the heart recovery  process…those songs that  help us to make sense out of it all…so after consulting with a group of current and former heartbreakers, we were able to compile this list of tracks designed to console the breakee (us) while also bashing the breaker (that’s you)…so without further ado…here are the top 10 break up tracks (listed in order of tear value)…with one to grow on… Read more of this post