how old…

Once we begin dating people who are no longer wearing a letter jacket with their graduation year in plain sight, there is a common question we find ourselves asking:

How old is she?

As nice of a guy as that ‘to catch a predator’ host seems to be when he offers you a chair, the police force awaiting you outside can definitely be a buzz kill on top of your realization she wasn’t able to vote…or drive…or see that PG-13 movie…but I guess that is what you get for still being in those AOL chat rooms. But this isn’t about Law & Order SVU today.

All of us have some type of age range that we consider acceptable for potential bunk mates. If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard “I don’t date guys under 30” or “I don’t date women over 25”, I’d need about $0.15 for a bottled water as I make it a habit to stop listening to people when they tell me things they don’t do. But based on reality dating shows and all those romcoms that have been forced on me over the years, I’m assuming age plays a role in determining compatibility.

Now I don’t really see a problem with this at the theoretical level, but where it breaks down is in what age you are actually evaluating. Most of you probably base a potential mate’s age on their DOB…you silly daters… Read more of this post

the sleepover…

Whether it was your freshmen year of college (sorry for you hbcu folks that had strict dorm policies) or when you got your first place (shame on you 28+ folks still waiting on this), the chance to spend the entire night with your partner in lust seemed like an amazing idea.

While I do enjoy sharing my sheets (or her sheets if the thread count is high enough) with a PYT as much as the next ubf’er, the disappointing news is that the concept of a sleepover beats the actual reality 11 out of 10 times.

Said another way, the concept of the sleepover is too idealistic. I blame porn (for the guys) and romcoms (for the ladies). Read more of this post

to play or not to play…

No not that kind of playing. I’ll save that for another day and another time.

Instead I’m talking about every man’s (digital) mistress…video games.

For starters if your man (or the man you want to be your man) doesn’t play any sort of video games, you should immediately ask him why not. If he is 40+, his answer will make sense regardless of what he says because he is old(er) (and if you yourself are not old, congrats on dodging the bullet on this topic). If he is under 40, his answer does not make any sense regardless of what he says (sidenote: there are a few questions like this that the reason doesn’t matter such as “why don’t you own nan pair of sneakers?”).

Now assuming your man is indeed open to picking up the ‘stiqs from time to time, this past week was a very important week for determining how he will be spending his upcoming fall. The leading gaming companies gathered in Los Angeles for the annual E3 conference (where the latest and greatest in video games was announced). My day job got me a front row seat for all the goings on. Unfortunately thanks to those announcements, you will not only be competing with football this fall but a large amount of gaming goodness as well. Read more of this post