the enemy within…

men are dogs…and we are destined to go through life screwing up any and all good that ever comes our way…we never know a good thing when we have it…yada yada yada… well…i have some late breaking news…it appears that while we’re racing through this life, consistently coloring outside the lines, it’s some of you that are actually supplying the crayolas…while ubf was out in these streets trying to eradicate infidelity wherever it occurred, some of you ladies have been doing your very best to thwart these efforts…i am looking at you well informed mistresses…those of you out there purposely wiping your back sweat on sheets washed by unsuspecting girlfriends and wives…you should be ashamed of yourselves…leading us to believe that these homes were out here wrecking themselves…

all this time we thought it was that pesky xy chromosome pairing that left us predisposed to these extramarital/relationship threatening tryst…so imagine our surprise when we realized that there are some of you who are currently peddling your panty candies at the doorsteps of weak fleshed guys you know to already be involved with other young ladies…some of whom are sharing addresses, last names and offspring…shame on you (wagging finger sternly in your direction fantasia)…
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For those not familiar, here is a working definition we’ll use:

pre-game [pree-geym]

+ verb: to drink alcoholic beverages prior to a social engagement to make it more enjoyable

It is an activity that all you socialites/urbanites/hipsters/yuppies partake in on a weekly (if not daily – no judging) basis. Some of you may even feel like experts given its integral role in preparing to “Let the dogs out.”

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