drunk on vegas…

I currently have three trips planned for Las Vegas this summer. While most people would see this as a good thing, I’m apparently not most people.

It is safe to say if Vegas and I described our relationship (on Facebook), we’d go with “It’s complicated.”

My most memorable (& vaguely remembered) experience happened earlier this year.

Here is the scenario:

+ Arriving on a Tuesday

+ 30 hours in Vegas before flying to Chicago

+ Speaking at conference followed by work meetings/dinner

Needless to say all of my usual Vegas concerns were put to rest. How much trouble could I get into? Answer: Hella. Read more of this post

Remember when 25+ seemed wrong?

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face. No not that kind of smile but instead the smile of actually getting a full night’s rest. It was Monday morning so you’d think that this isn’t that big of a deal. You’d obviously not be from LA if you were thinking that. For some reason, the City of Angels thinks it makes more sense to party on Sunday nights than the traditional Friday/Saturday night protocol that more traditional cities follow. Given a plethora of options to stay out until the wee hours on a school night, I made the mature choice (read as the “sat on the couch and realized I didn’t have the energy to get off unless it involved my bed” choice) of staying in.

What led me to this decision (forgetting for a moment that I’m lazy)?

Outside of the obvious reasons (Did I mention it was Sunday), the true tipping point was that the lead option* revealed a last minute red flag. During my usual pre-game recon, I discovered a fact that I hadn’t seen in over 6-8 years. The party listed that it was an “18+ club.” I instantly thought “I don’t have 17 other friends that want to go out.” But then it dawned on me that they were not referring to group size but instead age.

I’ll wait as that sets in… Read more of this post