just do it…

A few recent conversations have brought me to a realization:

I am more loyal to Nike than I could ever be to an eventual wife.

After you close your mouth, let me explain myself as a true Nike-head.

First and foremost, I mean this as a very high compliment to the women that will eventually win my version of for the love of onetrik the amazing race to be crowned with the title of Mrs. Onetrik. By no means am I planning on getting put on blast like Tiger stepping out on her, so get your chance while you can ladies. I’m talking to you Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Secondly, outside of my family and a few childhood friends, I’ve been with Nike longer than any other relationship I’ve ever experienced. We are actually going on 20 years of happily ever after shoe/apparel happiness. Back in the day, we were still seeing other people but I finally realized the Swoosh was the one for me and have been committed for 15 years without even the smallest bit of incidental flirting. Read more of this post