brown sugar…

In speaking with a certain man in my life, he made the most interesting comment. I asked what made him decide to set aside his wild oats and finally focus on one person. Was it timing (as I’ve always believed is the true catalyst for happily never after finally pinning down a player) or was it that he met the most special person he had ever met in his life.  His response “It’s that Brown sugar baby.” Hmmm. Now I did see the movie. But I had to go do some reconnaissance to remember the exact definition on how Taye Diggs breaks it down.

And so here it is: “Wifey material: Fine, smart, classy but not a snob. Hella hella sexy but not a hoe. That’s brown sugar. “

Well that seems simple enough.  I know a lot of young ladies that fall into that category. But, apparently, it’s not so simple. Before the ladies beat up on me for my definitions remember, I got them from a man.

Fine – hair done, nails done, everything done…nope. That girl is actually viewed as high maintenance (which is interesting since I’m definitely that girl…but I digress). Sure, Fine is the woman that walks in the room and all the heads turn.  But, Fine is really the woman that looks good in sweats and a pony tail at the supermarket and no makeup on.  She just always looks good, regardless of the situation.

Classy, but not a snob – She can be on your arm at an executive dinner but will still chop it up with you on Sundays to watch the game. She knows her salad fork and dessert spoon, but also will get down and dirty with some finger lickin fried chicken at a bbq. A lady in the streets and…well you get the rest.

Hella Hella sexy, but not a ho – The woman who knows how to make work clothes look sexy without being overt. Her beauty is not necessarily obvious or easy to define, but effortless. The best description that I got for this was from one of my best male friends. He said, “I know everyone knows my girl is beautiful. But I’m the only one who knows her bedroom eyes, her sleepy face, how she looks when she makes my eggs and irons my clothes with nothing on but one of my t-shirts…She’s sexy. And no one knows that better than me.” In other words- he doesn’t have to worry about a casual acquaintance having had his sexy. The feeling that he’s the only one who knows all her after dark secrets absolves her from being a ho. Even if she is one.

So what about you guys at UBF. What’s your definition of brown sugar?



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One Response to brown sugar…

  1. Soumynona says:

    Brown sugah is what makes the cookie soft! There I said it! So now we all know what level of coital intoxication your qb was under (I love that pun) when mentioning this to you…on a more subtle note, brown sugar really is the secret ingredient in home made cookies that keeps them soft days after baking

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