for the love of the game…

Earlier this week, I was traveling for the day gig and decided against the anti-social route of room service and made my way to a local bar for a bite and drinks. It just so happened that the women’s ncaa national title basketball game was the headline sporting event on this evening so I found myself bouncing between watching the game and taking in awkward conversation with those sitting next to me (of note, the cougar who purchased an entire bottle of wine for herself was quite entertaining and inquisitive).

While it was obvious to all watching that the women’s game was way better basketball than the men’s game the night before, I actually had an additional takeaway…some of these chics not only had their hair did (not to be confused with doing their hair) but also were able to keep it put together through the 40 minutes of game time. Now as elrock can tell you, it is hard to keep a fade looking fresh when running from power forward-esque females in the club for 10 minutes. So I was blown away by Skylar Diggins’ ability to keep her ‘do fresh throughout the game even in a losing effort because of a frequent excuse I’ve been given by the sisters with regards to physical activity…

“I can’t work out because of my hair…”

Now I didn’t continue to watch the post game interviews or have the opportunity to see her the next morning, but I’m assuming based on the way Skylar’s baby hairs stayed in place during the game that they didn’t suddenly begin to resemble little cheetos when the cameras stopped rolling. And because of that I bring questions to the ubf fam today in place of the usual bravado scented editorial.

Before we start with the inquiries, if you happen to be like Skylar then feel free to chime in with your secret methods/processes to educate the class.

For the rest of the ladies, why are you out hear lying when there is evidence on sportscenter (of all channels) that contradicts you? Was this an agreement made at the last man-hating conference? Is it that you don’t want to drop the cash when it comes to the up keep? Do you like having backup lbs just in case? Where does weave fit into this equation?

For the fellas, do you have any issue with your lady opting out of the physical activities? How important is amazing looking hair to you compared to the benefits of sweating outside of the bedroom 3-4x/week? Are you intimidated by a female that owns weight lifting gloves? Would you tell your lady the truth about Sketcher shape-ups despite the Kim K. ads?

Now discuss amongst yourselves, I’ll be back to tell you who is right and who is wrong in a few hours.

onetrik…myth busting is not a hobby…



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4 Responses to for the love of the game…

  1. Niki B. says:

    you know, when i watched that game i thought to myself one good thing did come out of the ignorant Imus’ controversy. women bball players do take more pride in looking more lady like than ever before. yay girly girls!

  2. lawyerette says:

    when you say her hair looked good, how’d she have it done? from a google image search, she appears to be blessed with what the old folks call “good hurr”. If she had it straightened and it remained straight, then thats amazing. She may be one of the lucky few who does not sweat in her scalp – some folks do.

    • lawyerette says:

      I also want to point out that I can work out and look fine DURING the workout. It’s what is going to happen to my hair afterwards thats the issue. I get the sense that that same bun/ponytail with a headband that looks pretty good while on the court isn’t going to cut it at the restaurant. Just saying.

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