quick hit…

A UBF PSA…We’ve all been there seen it. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl date for a while. Boy and girl start pelvic tag team. Girl starts doing wify-ish activities such as cooking, cleaning and ‘blowing the jewels’ on a regular basis. Meanwhile, guy is out in the streets acting “Single as a dollar bill”.

This is nothing to be bitter about. It happens. Buck up ladies. The key is to know the difference between being a girlfriend and just the “Main Girl”. Being top priority is not the same as being the only priority. In most circles, it’s pretty acceptable to just come out and ask your banana Olympic relay team what the deal is. But for the cowardly ones that are afraid to ask, fear not. We have a list that differs slightly from the boys’ version.

  1. He hasn’t agreed to a title called “girlfriend” and you guys haven’t had that special talk.

And that’s really it. Until something has been clearly defined, BOTH of you are free to do whoever whatever you want. Don’t be that long suffering, 7 year relationship with 2 kids and no title chic. Keep it simple. You are single unless it is stated otherwise.

The end.

I’m open to hearing some exceptions to the rule…

Sometimes the solution is short, sweet and to the point. What can I say?



About usbottlesandfriends
The tales of unpredictable truths from those guys your mom warned you about.

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