window of opportunity…

As a sneakerholic, there is one thing that equally excites and pains me with acquiring new additions to my collection: availability. On the exciting side, there is no better feeling than walking into your favorite shop or clicking your favorite site to see that all black with red bottoms Jordan XI and to only have one left in your size. Scoop! On the flip side, there is nothing more frustrating than to wait and wait and wait for that same beautiful collection of heaven sent materials to be available only to settle for a Jordan VII.

Needless to say as one of the most famous versions of the Jordan collection, the XI is a special shoe. So special that Michael Jordan himself predicted that the shoe would not only be basketball court appropriate but stylish enough to be worn with formal attire (which eventually happened when BoyZ II Men wore them with tuxedos to the Grammys).

Apologies for the brief history lesson but stay with me…I’m going somewhere with this…

While the shoe itself is modern marvel of beauty (seen below), I can’t help but wonder if my obsession with it is largely driven by the limited availability with which it can be copped. If it was on the footlocker wall every day, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be so high on my shoe porn list. If everyone had a pair in their closet like let’s say chucks, I wouldn’t mentally dap up a guy when I saw him rocking them.

Now if you weren’t able to maneuver through all that sneaker talk to pull the message out, let me break it down…

Men approach women very similar to how I look at a buying shoes. We instantly put those women (or Jordan XI) on a pedestal that require a bit more finesse and wherewithal to acquire (I know…you aren’t an object to be acquired). Where as the always available girl (or chucks in the sneaker world) is always an option as part of the collection but by no means does she get the preferential treatment of the pedestal female with limited availability.

The obvious next question is: what makes me too available? I’m glad you asked.

The answer as all things having to do with courtship, sexy times and matrimony is that it varies by individual. Womp. Womp. Obviously some gentlemen have varying takes on how available they want their eventual insurance benefactor to be. But lucky for you, I’ve brought a handy construct that may help navigate the varied preferences out there.

The window of opportunity

The interesting tidbit here is that your actual availability has nothing to do with whether or not you are a pair of XIs or chucks but instead the male perception of your availability. Or said in a more copyrightable form…his window of opportunity with you.

The thought is that the smaller his window of opportunity with you then the harder he will work to carpe diem. Similar to my love affair with the XIs, men will go above and beyond the normal call of duty to seize the limited opportunity with you. This means everything covered in the handy ubf chivalry post plus more. Since we don’t expect you to be available for much longer so go ahead, you can go ahead and give us a curfew because we are going in.

However, if the perception of a never closing window is determined then your scoopability is determined infinite and requires no sense of urgency. While you might find the random guy that begins to hear the music coming to an end and decides to close the window himself, the usual outcome is the all too famous stringing along syndrome. I’ll assume many of you are familiar.

Now it is up to you whether you want to be Jordans or chucks…

onetrik…only js on my feet…


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