got single? pt. 2…blame Fox TV…

A couple months back I provided a few morsels of advice on why you might find yourself single in the mean streets of dating. Hopefully you were able to implement the necessary changes in your life to nab you a winter cuddle buddy but if not, no worries as I’m back with a second helping.

As I patiently wait for the latest season of Mad Men to come to DVD (unless someone has the bootleg in which case we should talk), I’ve been spending my tv qt with TV One and all their old school reruns. During last night’s viewing, I realized why our generation is struggling to erase the condition known as singledom.

It’s the media.

Not only is it the media but one show in particular: Living Single.

The 26+ plus crew out there remembers the random times of Khadijah, Synclaire, Regine, Max, Kyle and of course Overton that aired on Fox for 5 seasons in the mid 90s. If you find your self outside of that age group (or with suspect tv viewing habits), consider yourself lucky as you are probably reading this in someone else’s t-shirt or brushing your teeth with your finger.

But for the rest of you, the show should have been an obvious predictor for how certain life decisions could leave your dating life resembling Cleveland’s (w)NBA team…boo boo.

+ Regine spent the entire length of the show waiting on the right sugar daddy to swoop in and rescue her and her expensive tastes (not that different than some of you). However when she finally found him in the last season, he turned out to be a video game developer with McScrooge pockets. Given your affinity for video games, we know you stopped reading that sentence at the mere mention of the words ‘video game’ and therefore have also consequently let your Prince Charming play his way on to the next one many times over.

+ Not only did he confuse many males into being Chris Bosh-like (soft for the non-sports folks) with the women folk, but Overton’s fascination with Synclaire also gave you ladies the idea that it was smart to date someone that lives directly above you. The boot marks on Khadijah’s coffee table should have been a large enough sign to the potential issues here but you have probably done it anyway because he was good with his hands. Dating requires a lot of sharing but one’s floor as the other’s ceiling isn’t on the list.

+ Whether it was snatching vittles from the refrigerator or providing unsolicited advice, Max was always in the way. I’m not saying you have friends like that as it may be you. But do know that while your future sperm donor wants to get to know your friends, their consistent presence makes it hard for him to effectively deposit in the relationship.

+ And lastly but most obvious, Khadijah was a writer/editor in Brooklyn. Aren’t all of those single? (Shots fired)

What about you good people of ubf? Any moments in adolescent tv viewing shape your outlook on dating?

onetrik…in a 90s kinda world…


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