last call…thanks…

It’s that time again- the 40 day period between the end of November and January 1st , where we spend money, drink, and oh yeah… “Give thanks”. We kickoff the holiday season with the greatness of having two days off work meeting with friends and family while getting our shameless drink eat on.  Onetrik & elrock already expressed their many thanks to various parties, so it was only right that I hop on the bandwagon.  As November comes to a close, I’d like to give my appreciation to:

– Onetrik, for allowing me the opportunity to share the worst side of myself via UBF & a shameful potty mouth, all the while cutting me down to size when he feels appropriate

– Elrock, for being the resident wordsmith as he demonstrates exactly why we should avoid guys  anything like him

– God, for giving me that perky rack and nice assets that onetrik has witnessed as a screener for UBF readers

– The wonderful readers at UBF for accepting my sailor-like tendencies and spitting tobacco at me when moved to do so

– The Knicks for making Madison Square Garden slightly less depressing this year…well until the next game

– Prince William for giving long suffering ladies in limbo waiting everywhere hope that after almost a decade,  he may lock it down for real for real after all

– Erin Barry for giving us a reason to seem slightly less paranoid when we accuse him of looking at our girl’s @ss

– Jennifer Grey for winning Dancing with the Stars, allowing Bristol Palin to roam the earth  yet another day

– Tamika Raymond for taking Usher’s balls with her as part of the divorce settlement and leaving him and his performances with a lot less sexy

– Kanye West for keeping his @ss away from the AMAs .

– Halle Berry for getting her international swirl on once again and cracking the door a bit wider for the rest of us.

– My QB for being a constant source of crazy arguments inspiration to pass onto the unsuspecting readers at UBF

– That other guy that I wish was my QB for giving me something to dream about.

– The Sims  3 for PC- where I can create my fantasy life with that other guy and not feel too weird about it

– My mother for being a good cook who didn’t expect me to lift a finger this year and putting me onto the Sims- good lookin out Mom Dukes…

– And of course family, friends, etc etc…

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with plenty of love alcohol, sex and money.



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