chess vs checkers…

Earlier this week, the lovely lolita decided to share with our ubf fam that she (and other ladies) is winning in the dating game and to that I want to say congrats for gaining access to the dating playbook that the guys have been hiding away in our stash of videogames hip to for awhile now. I’m sure that realization of having multiple options was equal parts liberating and exciting. Winning feels good doesn’t it? But wait before you “deuces” your way off into the weekend there is more to this story…

I have one area of disagreement with my blog-mate on her winning at my expense. Your newfound winning does not directly imply that I’m losing (unlike our upcoming city battle which will have one winner). They are actually not even linked together which is good because it means we can both get the big piece of chicken. How is that you may be wondering?

Well ladies it is because we are actually playing different games. I’m going to skip the football team approach as some peeps may get lost in the sports analogy (but it is ok we would rather you admit that than to fake it) and focus on something everyone should be able to relate to: chess vs. checkers.

As lolita described in her post, she can simply substitute in a backup when her favorite black piece is with his other piece acting up. Also, her pieces aspire and are able to work their way up to the starting role or shall we say kings through increased effort and an open slot. She has a number of pieces to choose from and they are all interchangeable it appears because she can be “knee deep into another man” before we blink. Hmmm…sounds a lot like checkers doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, I’d say the fellows that I know tend to approach the dating conundrum from a different approach. Most women met are assigned a role based on our needs and more importantly their capabilities. The smarter fellows I associate with (don’t try to blame “I wear my stunna shades at night” guy on me as he isn’t with us) also know how to strategically protect certain acquaintances while others are shall we say…expendable. Gentlemen also know the importance of the queen and making sure that she is always one square step away from us. Meanwhile regardless of how well other women play their role, they will never be able to have the freedom to move wherever they choose (this includes any and all upgrades). Well I’ll be damned doesn’t that have a strong resemblance to chess?

Not only is our winning potential unrelated ladies but we aren’t even competitors. Our competition is more likely the other folks in our gender than each other. Now regardless of hundreds or thousands in the pool, there are no worries because as we all know, there is only so much room in my bed on the game board and the best roles only require a couple pieces (or one in the case of the queen but we do keep open slots for pawns from time to time as an fyi).

So you see my muffin-top lacking, decent t & a having, briefcase toting, roommate-less living, car driving, meal whipping, sexy time diversifying friends, you may be winning and it is really cute that you now know that. But on the flip side, we’ve been listening to DJ Khaled’s song since it came out as we have a strategically placed board of you and the girl sitting caddy corner to you at the office and the girl teaching your spinning class and the girl that sang at that jazz place you like and the girl from facebook (you know which one) and that other girl and so on…I think you get the point by now but for those slower distracted readers because chess isn’t the same as checkers…

onetrik…feel free to hate the player and the game if it helps…


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11 Responses to chess vs checkers…

  1. Marcie says:

    Lol. Where’s my fork? *done*

    Although Lolita’s blog is a good one, Onetrik wins this battle.

    Unfortunately Onetrik, you’ve “overlooked” one notable teaching from the honorable profit…..Tupac. :)

    In his most esteemed words, “we got our game from women” is today’s “lesson.” Just because it’s been more socially acceptable for men to tote their playbook around doesn’t mean women didn’t write it and leave it for them to skim the pages. ;(

    Yes, some women are just now getting their copies but the ones who are “leaders, not on some following ish come up in this game” … sorry, lyrically sidetracked …. have long known the rules of engagement and assigned roles for the players on the board (or in the game).

    The big difference is that a woman astute in these games/sports can often tell her role & adjust to, as Lolita put it, winning.

    Men, on the other hand, often cannot. Women are experts at the ego stroke…and let’s be honest…the male pride simply prevents them from accepting that they’re not your king who’s calling the shots (QB, #1 boo)….or that through concerted work, they can be…even if they (foolishly) think you’re their pawn. *marinate*

    At the end of the day, the streets has too many games….and too many wanna be players

    Retirement & respite feel good

    • I’m in agreement with everything you said for the top 2% of folks out there “astute in these games/sports” but the one big difference is in the remaining 98% on both sides of the gender camp.

      I would say in that bottom 98% (sounds kind of funny to say that) of men a majority are actually ok playing the role of back-up QB. As we saw in the comments on lolita’s post, guys don’t want that pressure of being the starter sometimes. Now there are definitely some guys with that napoleon complex (read as short men) out there hoping to get the call up to the big leagues but most are comfortable being a dinner sponsor from time to time with no real responsibilities. Sad but true.

      On the flip side, we also have some women that based on their past experiences or outlook on finding prince charming are in the same position. Again sad but true.

      Hopefully between lolita’s post and my few ramblings, we can jump start that dating apathy into action and remove some of the game-playing by giving everyone a peep into this proverbial playbook. Either that or resort to blaming each other and creative name-calling.

  2. Lolita says:

    Onetrik may have “won” but really, it’s easy to bite off of the originator & then try to make it better. He’s just doing his duty as an American. Besides- until this morning, I didn’t realize it was a competition…well that’s on me isn’t it? One should never forget how fragile the male ego is ;) That said…yes Marcie- WE invented this game. Stay tuned. Tomorrow I will explain more reasons for Onetrik’s losing streak.

  3. Carver The Great says:

    *guiness commercial voice* BRILLIANT!!!!

  4. tolu says:

    I’ve been trying to stay out of this as much as possible because I know that I can’t adequately respond to this debate without a lengthy response thereby co-opting your space. Since I’m not going about to do that, I’ll just say keep it simple and say this: it’s all about perspective. It depends on where you are in the dating process. As we get older, our priorities change. When who are older or ready to get married do not see our position as a winning position. But, if you’re still out there “playing”, perhaps so. Likewise for men, men who are not very attractive or those who work hard for their money don’t see themselves as winning. But if you have money to throw around, and you look good, you got the game by the ass. At the end of the day…perspective.

    • Lolita says:

      Indeed- I agree. I can’t speak for Onetrik- he definitely looks at this entire thing as a game (Shots fired), but my blog was really referring to women selling themselves short. I often hear from male friends and even men I have dealt with in the past that we are obligated to put up with their shortcomings due to a “shortage” in options. My point was simple: That ain’t true. A) You shouldn’t put up with BS regardless but B) if you were more inclined to forgive the unforgiveable due to the lack of options, DON’T. I have found that there are a lot of Great men waiting in the wings for me to come to my senses and date them instead. And as I become more ready for happily ever after, I feel like this has became more apparant to me. I wanted to share the wealth for those that hadn’t quite realized how good we have it yet.

      • Lolita says:

        *excuse typos. I get all fired up and then…don’t proofread. Blame Onetrik.

      • Yep. Life is a game. If you aren’t winning, you are losing. Second place is the first loser. And all that other jazz. So feel free to continue speaking for me…haha…

        I agree with both of you lovely ladies but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to slam dunk the alley oop that lolita laid out there for me. Especially when I saw my name next to losing.

        The underlying intent (under the thick layer of sarcastic tone) was that lolita was correct in her assessment of woman having options and (some lucky) men have known this for a while and continue to take advantage of it until they are down to that one piece, their queen.

    • tolu says:

      *my bad. my typos are off the hook horrible too. responding via bb is not the best idea, but i see yall got my point, so….

      anyhow, excellent posts, both of you. and glad to see the female pov represented on this blog.

      (gender wars are my fave, lol)

  5. @KMHphenomenal says:

    You saved me a lengthy response to the post the other day by posting this….Well Done homie….

    lol @ the one who teaches your spin class….

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