just do it…

A few recent conversations have brought me to a realization:

I am more loyal to Nike than I could ever be to an eventual wife.

After you close your mouth, let me explain myself as a true Nike-head.

First and foremost, I mean this as a very high compliment to the women that will eventually win my version of for the love of onetrik the amazing race to be crowned with the title of Mrs. Onetrik. By no means am I planning on getting put on blast like Tiger stepping out on her, so get your chance while you can ladies. I’m talking to you Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Secondly, outside of my family and a few childhood friends, I’ve been with Nike longer than any other relationship I’ve ever experienced. We are actually going on 20 years of happily ever after shoe/apparel happiness. Back in the day, we were still seeing other people but I finally realized the Swoosh was the one for me and have been committed for 15 years without even the smallest bit of incidental flirting.

Third, you can always tell where a man’s interest lie based on how he spends his money. I have easily spent over $15,000 of my own make-it rain money on Nike gear (not even counting those $120 pair of Air Max 180s mama onetrik splurged for back in ’92). While I’ve done the I won’t grab anyone else’s booty long term relationship thing, I’m pretty sure none of my exes received that much fiscal attention. Matter of fact, we may be able to add up most of them and still come up short because Red Lobster and cubic zirconia might don’t make it.

Fourth, Nike does offer me a variety of options for mixing it up from time to time. Whether it be stepping it up with the Jordan brand or mixing in with my Cali peeps with Chucks, I can add variety to our relationship without risking any jealousy issues and answering questions on what she has that you don’t.

Fifth, Nike looks just the same as when we first met. I will never forget my love at first sight moment with the Air Max 95s. Here we are 15 yrs later and they are still as amazing as there were back then.  They even come in a few different colors and NikeID allows me to tat personalize them with my name.  Something you probably aren’t willing to do. Also – no worries of wear and tear or an extra few lbs but in the rare case of something going wrong you can call into an 1-800 number and have everything replaced. That just happened.

Sixth, Nikes go everywhere I want to go. I have my LunarGlides to spot me in gym, the Air Max 1 is always there for those 4pm Friday meetings giving my footsies the appropriate cushion, the Zoom Hyperdunks always come out to support me during the weekly bball game, the Air Neroli is there for those classy evenings when you need a little foot candy, and lastly the Pegasus+ 27 gets up every morning at 6am to hit the pavement.

Lastly, honestly how can you look at a pair of Air Maxes and not be smitten? Or watch this commercial that they just released and not want to lock it down? Seriously. Bo. Jackson. Yep I just wet myself.

While I go get a towel, talk amongst yourselves about any thing you may be this loyal to or share your best Nike story.

In the end, I’m not saying you ladies looking to nab you a fine tendoroni can learn anything from Nike but I am saying take a look at that tendoroni’s closet and see how many swooshes are there. They must be doing something right, right?


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9 Responses to just do it…

  1. Marcie says:

    Well, after this post even I’d want to marry Nike, lol. That commercial is amazing. (I hadn’t seen it since I watch < 5 hrs of tv weekly.)

  2. Rae says:

    Ohhhh Onetrik…this is a fairly compelling argument for your obsession, oops I mean love, for Nike. Being an adi lover myself, I feel obliged to defend their honor. Don’t get me wrong, ya girl owned a pair of the 95 max’s and a pair (or 2) of Flavs, aka Uptowns, Big Boi’s, etc. With this being said Nike has never held my attention long enough to fill my personal sneaker library with its wares. Nike currently owns roughly 36 percent worldwide market share compared to adidas’s 21.8 percent. Sales numbers for Nike are astronomical but being the preverbal giant is not always the best:

    1. Nike sports sponsorships (outside of the NCAA) are sparse and weak (i.e. Penn Relays and Australian Open). Adi on the other hand is fully entrenched with the NBA and NFL (by way of Reebok) and FIFA.
    2. Outside of professional sports, adidas is also looked to for cutting edge design and fashion forward color schemes in casual kicks (just ask every celeb with hot kicks on and more often than not are made by adidas)
    3. Per your previous point that Nike looks the same, you are correct and that isn’t the sexiest fact ever. With adidas Originals the shoe’s core construction remains the same but always improved upon to make each iteration fresher and have more flavor than the last

    Who wants to look like everyone else on the street, year after year? Don’t be a follower…blaze your own path…that is all…God Bless and Good Day sir.

    • I appreciate your loyalty to the three stripes guys…BUT I must address your three insane points:
      1) As a smart marketer, you realize that all sports sponsorships are based on an actual ROI vs. just throwing money around. One could argue that with the exception of futbol, Nike is by far the leader across all those sports Adi spends buckets of money on being the “official” sponsor. While it is great the best athletes in the world are wearing their logos in practice and what not, all of us aspiring athletes know what is on their feet and under their jerseys along with who makes those.
      2) Not really sure how you can argue Adi’s position as cutting edge for the fashion forward when every sneaker shop I’ve ever been to has 3 to 1 ration of Nike vs. Adi. Simply look at the amount of design that goes into Nikes to make sure they are not only the best designed shoe but also designed for streetwear (e.g. Uptowns, Js, AJFs, Cortezs, etc.).
      3) One answer here: NikeID. I’m not sue how you get a fresher look than a shoe customized to your individual taste. Being a NYCer, I’m sure you have been to their design center in Niketown to check it out. If not then we need to make sure we visit next time I’m that way…

      Thanks for the fodder though…

      • Rae says:

        ok, to respond one more time to your Nike craziness:
        1. sorry guy but a good majority of sports sponsorships are based on a loose translation of ROI. as you know ROI can be chalked up to nothing more than brand awareness and an increase of product sales. while it is true that NIKE is an industry leader (yup, i said it) it is fair to say that adidas/reebok are making retail moves across various sports (i.e. being the Official supplier of the top sports domestically AND internationally). any day that another retail company can increase its global market share is a win for everyone in the war against NIKE. to put this in terms that you would be more apt to understand: Jameson is a bar fave and “spirits” leader, but clearly the more distinguished and mature whiskey drinkers would prefer Jack Daniels or Makers Mark. Just because one person jumps off the bridge doesn’t mean that everyone should plan a synchronized free fall
        2. step into the real world and stop visiting Nike sneaker shops…introduce a lil bit of flava in your life and hit up a shop that is outside of the Beverly Center and The Grove…that is all
        3. one response…miadidas…check it out and allow your life to be changed…

        and im out!

      • I’ll admit I’m crazy for the Swoosh but that is where our agreement may have to end:
        1) You called Nike’s sports sponsorships sparse and weak. I was simply arguing that their lack of sport wide sponsorships does not necessarily equal that your attempts are weak. In the case of basketball they are the industry leader as you mentioned, why would you then pour millions of dollars into an NBA sponsorship when you are actually winning with kids at 10-13 yrs old when they are deciding which shoe is for them. Seems to me selecting the appropriate high schools and colleges is a better sports sponsorship in this case especially when you consider how many top programs are Nike schools (e.g. 43 of the 65 schools in NCAA tournament were Nike schools including all #1 seeds and the eventual champions). Not too mention the individual professional athlete deals where they dominate Adi/Reebok. Thanks for the liquor reference though. Reminded me I need a drink.
        2) While I do enjoy my time in a Nike shop (the new Santa Monica store is heaven), I was actually referring to any of the top sneaker boutiques country wide (e.g. Flight Club/LA, Undefeated/LA,VegasTokyo, Dave’s Quality Meat/NYC, etc.). Again more than happy to schedule a trip for ya.
        3) Ok congrats to metoo…I mean adidas…I’ll send you some shoe porn offline to show you my point…

        who else want to fight hollywood cole…

  3. austynellese says:

    As to your fourth point on variety… let us not forget the fact the your beloved nike annexed owns and operates Cole Haan, so that even while getting your dress shoe swag on in a well cut loafer or oxford, you can still enjoy all that Nike Air waffle-y goodness. Choosing a hot shoe without ditching comfort = smart man = sexy man

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