hating is an option…

Hi hater. Yes- this goes out to you…you…you…all of you. There is no delicate way of putting this. Ladies…we need to tone it down. If you say you aren’t a hater, you are probably Lying fooling yourself. The hate gene was born in us & takes a concerted effort to kill it. I may get a million comments saying “I don’t hate, I congratulate”…but trust me, from my experience, that’s a lie of mass proportions.  I’m not saying you do it on purpose. But if I accidentally run over your foot, does it really matter? You are still maimed for life- accident or not.

A few months ago I had the misfortune of meeting up with one of my guy friends (yes really, just friends) at a lounge for one of his ex jump off’s paramour’s birthdays. So it’s a Friday, I was freshly out of a serious relationship situation and thought I was cute with my tight dress and cat eyes. Apparently that was a problem.  Before I can even say “Happy Birthday B*tch”, she’s calling me names- “Spandex Dress, Rat faced B*tch, Weaved out, Yellow Ho, Mixed Breed Mongral”…the list goes on. We had yet to even receive a proper introduction. You see, my entrance with her ex benefits buddy seemed to cause cat women to bear her claws.  Under normal circumstances, she may not have been a hater. But when faced with the possibility of me slothing her sloppy seconds (which would NEVER have happened for a variety of reasons saved for a later post), the meow mix came out and the hateration appeared.

Ladies- we all have a little hater in us…including me. Embrace it, admit it and CONTROL IT! I’ve compiled one more list of how you know you are a hater.
1. Every time some one shows you a pretty girl, you can show them what’s wrong with her with a well placed “She’s pretty BUT…”- No need to shout out her weave, fake titties, butt implants, massive makeup, flat ass, ugly feet, etc. Why must you point out the negative? Let the girl be great. It may be her last chance. It’s not your job to uncover her faults, it’s the man that undresses her that has to deal with it. Not your problem so move along.
2. All your friends are less attractive than you – In life, there will always be some one who looks better than you. Your unwillingness to stand next to people in that category makes you a hater. If you can’t handle physical competition, you are extremely insecure. Focus on your better qualities…like… I don’t know, your mind. Yeah she might get more attention at the club, but it’s the total package that wins the wifey race. Not being a hater goes a long way in being an attractive total package.
3. All of your friends are single – I know this excuse. “I don’t hang out with her because she always puts her man first.” Well duh. This ain’t highschool. If that’s going to be your life partner he should come first. This isn’t an invitation to be flaky or ditch your friends, but c’mon son. If you weren’t single you might reprioritize too. Misery likes company. Some women prefer to have “roll dawgs” to hang out with than happy friends. That’s what I call a First Class Hater.
4. All of your friends are men – You can’t stand anyone getting more attention than you. So you hide behind the old Tired standbye “Girls don’t like me”. Gee I wonder why. Maybe it’s YOU. I came to that conclusion long ago. When I was 20 years old, I realized that maybe women didn’t like me because of ME. They weren’t all jealous. I wasn’t always right. My inability to get along with them was my problem. And I fixed it. Kind of. But I digress. Now it’s your turn. No female friends? Maybe it’s your hating ways that turns people off…
5. You have to remind all your single friends that you aren’t like them – If every sentence starts with a “We”, “(insert current significant other) and I”, etc., you might be a hater of a different sort. Perhaps that’s the only thing you CAN get right. You have a wack job, you aren’t particularly smart or witty but halleluiah, you got a MAN! So now, that’s all you talk about. Because you want to remind all of your smarter, financially secure or more independent friends that in spite of their personal success, they don’t have a personal life; You know- the way you do. Hi Hater.

Ok kids, so now that I’ve become your worse enemy, tell me something. Are you a hater? Would you actually tell me if you were? Lord knows I am- at least I admit it. But you can Thank me now & hate me later…


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The tales of unpredictable truths from those guys your mom warned you about.

5 Responses to hating is an option…

  1. Shawn says:

    You are 100% correct in your assesment. Most of the hate is the crab in a bucket mentallity. Most people would rather spend time making sure that you do worse, instead of trying to do better for themselves. Haters!

  2. RandomGirl says:

    I’m damn sure a hater and I admit it! I don’t have *many* female friends either, actually have more male friends than female though I’m not convinced that that is evidence of being a hater, at least not in my case.

    I will admit though that I don’t like other women getting more attention than me. I’m a leo… it’s in my nature to be dominant whether I’m trying to do it or not. Women who make me have to try harder because they decided to wear the tight(er) skirt and high(er) heels annoy me. BUT if they prove to have a brain (vs just being competitive p**** on display on top of being easy) it won’t take long for my hating to morph into respect. Thats whats up.

  3. diana1604 says:

    Ha! There are uncomfortable truths in this blog. While I don’t criticise other women’s appearances, I don’t join in conversations of ‘oh, isn’t she pretty?’ either due to an overwhleming feeling of jealousy and hatred. Silence is effective in stopping these conversations and so these negative feelings disappear quickly.

    I have been told that all my friends are less attractive than me but it was from an ex bf so it no longer matters to me.

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