sexy time model…

Lucky for all of us, it isn’t this difficult.

But before I dive in, a few apologies on this post:

+ apologies to everyone – for taking you back to econ class. But hopefully the message will be worth the nightmares revisited through this walk down economics memory lane.

+ apologies to the gents of ubf – for letting out a secret that many of you have been using to get good guy points. But hopefully the message will also benefit you in the following scenarios offsetting the need for those extra points.

With those out the way, I’m here to talk about the sexy time model. Lucky for you, this model follows the popular supply vs. demand model from economics 101. As you all know, the traditional model is used to determine the optimal price of a product based on the quantity of that product in given market.

For the purpose of today’s discussion, the product is sexy time. Before you get the wrong idea of where this is going, let me also say that I’m substituting a gentleman’s age in place of price. So we now are looking at the following graph:

P – gentleman’s age

Q – quantity of sex

S – supply of available sex

D – demand for sex

A couple interesting points to call out with this model:

+ time involved with sexy time is not referenced in this model…sorry ladies…but you can refer to this post from elrock for guidance…

+ inclusion of gentleman vs. the generic guy…this entire model falls apart when not dealing with a gentleman…if you are questioning whether you are dealing with a gentlemen, then you are not…but check this post out for tips…

+ as a gentleman ages, his supply of available sex will also increase…each gent is on a different scale but it is safe to say that wisdom is not the only benefit of age…I’ll wait a moment as every gent imagines the potential of this amazing phenomenon…

+ conversely  and surprisingly (to gents and ladies alike), his demand for sex (or urge to ride that S curve up and down and back again) actually decreases with his increase in age…there are many scientific reasons that have been cited for this condition but let’s make sure we realize it is linked to the demand for more sexual conquests (of varying quality) and not the desire for a good sweat-inducing, I’m too old for this, didn’t know you could do that, need some electrolytes session…the demand for those is a straight vertical line that does not change with age…

+ Both the D and S curve will vary for all men…it’d would be too easy to just have one set for all of them…influencing factors include but are not limited to: attractiveness, bank account, height, profession, heterosexuality, and local…

Now all of that is fine and dandy, but what does that mean for you lovely soft-skinned ubf readers?

As a gent crosses that unique age-quantity point, there will be certain scenarios where he will give sexy time opportunities “the Heisman” or said a less sport-oriented way “naw I’m good.” Depending on the scenario, it may have nothing to do with you or your smashability. Unfortunately, you just happened to catch him on the wrong side of the curve and your proposition doesn’t break through the clutter of supply he is currently presented with, which leaves you with two options: 1) Look for the closest set of rocks and lace up your shoes; 2) Improve your proposition. Your choice.

Have any UBF gents hit that unique point yet? What is the age?

Have any of you ubf females encountered this type of gentleman?

onetrik…aka mr. age is more than a number…


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3 Responses to sexy time model…

  1. sheila says:

    ….um, I don’t get it.

  2. Tiffany says:

    *blank stare* um, yeah, I don’t get it either. Econ was not my best class at Carolina.

    • in short, every man will reach an age where his opportunities to have sex are greater than his actual desire therefore requiring a fairly significant opportunity for him to actually do it…which means step up your sexy time game for that type of guy…

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