all fun and games…unless you don’t like fun and games…

This past weekend, I was granted access to a single ladies’ discussion which covered a number of diverse topics. To my surprise, one that caused a little debate amongst the Beyonce disciples was whether or not they enjoyed the company of a guy that plays videogames.

As I’ve stated previously, I don’t trust any male under 40 that has never played videogames. I assume he is a robot sent here from another planet meant to suck the good times out of any group setting with boring distractions and then take our beautiful single ladies back to his planet. It’s just a theory.

The group’s opinions varied from: “He shouldn’t play games as they were made for children”…”He can play them as long as I’m not around”…”I like games and want to play them with him”…in other words, there was no consensus. Now the lack of agreement on a dating topic among a group of single women didn’t surprise me. It was the amount of displeasure expressed towards videogames while, based on the other stories in the discussion, seemingly worse things were tolerated.

As a supporter of the videogame movement, I’m taking it on myself to help everyone see what else us guys could be spending our time on/with that will hopefully clear up the case for more (video) games in dating arrangements across the country.

So here is my top 10 list of things you’d prefer your mate pick videogames over:

10) Playing two truths and a lie when you ask him where he was until 4am last night…

9) Playing with those delightful ladies on the other end of the 1-900 numbers that charge $4.99/min for “conversation”…

8) Playing with your city’s favorite club-goers every night of the week promoting parties for the (not) grown and (very) sexy…

7) Playing in a touring band fully stocked with an assortment of groupies…

6) Playing with the classified section of the newspaper looking for something of the 9 to 5 variety…

5) Playing with the idea of making it as an actor/model while serving drinks at Cheesecake Factory…

4) Playing with recreational substances commonly found to lead to the selling anything of value within sight or your apartment…

3) Playing with that girl that keeps trying to co-op with him at his job…

2) Playing with his boy’s joystick…

1) Playing with the kids from his real family while you wait on him to get that divorce…

Now with all that said, videogames don’t seem so bad huh? Actually the average videogame player is 35 yrs old and has an income of $75K just in case you were wondering.

What are your thoughts on videogames ubf? Do you avoid them and the men that play them?

onetrik…aka mr. highscore…


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22 Responses to all fun and games…unless you don’t like fun and games…

  1. Sinister says:

    I have not played video games and it is hard for me to relate to the joy that comes from playing them. That said, I am cool with a guy who plays video games. As long as he is not playing them while I am around. And “playing” with other women is not a plausible alternative (if we are exclusive)….

  2. tblack2008 says:

    I tend to be an “outlier” when it comes to things that normally bother girls about boys. SO I actually like to watch a guy playing video games. I have spent HOURS watching a guy play Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City. I have bought guys games and gaming accessories as presents. So yeah, I support video game play.

    • As an “outlier”, have those hours of game play support been rewarded in past instances?

      • Tiffany says:

        I think rewarded needs some quote marks…lol. Reward is in the eye of the beholder. I am a “simple” woman so the fact that we were spending time together, even if most of his attention was focused on the game, was reward enough. Cause like you said….he was not doing 1 – 10…hahaha

  3. tolu says:

    I’m that chick who has yet to save the princess in super mario brothers since elem. school, a failure i deeply regret and which haunts me to this day. That said, I hate video games and i have no real love for the guys who (still) play them. In fact, i specifically have a preference for men of the artsy-fartsy persuasion because they make up the vast majority (of the small minority) of heterosexual men under 35 who don’t particularly care for video games. Of course that means the excessive hours used to play video games are instead used to focus on / hone in on / tweak his craft, but the way i see it, at least it’s constructive.

  4. Niki B says:

    seriously, most women should want a man who plays video games because please believe he is going to want to play with you and sometimes you just are not going to be in the mood. sometimes people need alone time and while mine may be just sitting in silence, and he may need to go play his video games. although, i didn’t fully understand this thought when i was single.

    • and the church said…amen…some one pass the collection plate…

      • Tolu says:

        I get that men need to have some extracurricular activity or “alone time” as you put it. I believe that most women get that too. I think those of us women who have beef with gaming are annoyed by it because we think it’s juvenile and not constructive. I don’t think women object to men who are fun loving, humorous, and lighthearted. But video games are time warps. We don’t like the idea of dudes spending that much time and energy into anything that’s not making them richer, finer, more toned, better people, or something that isn’t focused on us or the relationship. Strange but true.

        But, eh, oh well, it’s a necessary evil we have to learn to accept…
        …doesn’t mean we gotta like it though. Don’t expect us to.

      • In an attempt to continue our beef from earlier in the week, studies such as this one have shown that videogames actually improve mental flexibility…so evidently those hours aren’t all for not…

      • Tiffany says:

        Farmville is “juvenile and not constructive”…actually Farmville is just stupid BUT Madden develops the skills of planning and strategy…hell most video games develop the skills of planning, strategy and execution.

        And for the non-athletic crowd it helps their competitive skills…they get all the benefits of playing a sport that we hear about without having to pull a muscle or sprain an ankle…because let’s keep it real, a lot of people couldn’t make a basket if they life depended on it but in a video game they could play like Michael Jordan.

  5. Kenyetta says:

    Funny article. I actually agree with this and of course I would most certainly prefer video games over these 10 other extracurricular activities. I have played video games with an ex and got so into it that I started purchasing video games for US to play- of course with alterior motives. If I lost, I could pout, he would come to my rescue and speak baby talk to me, which would then create a mood to play another game ;-) OR he looses, says I cheated, we get into a “heated discussion” which would then create a mood to play another game ;-)….either way I win!!!

  6. The D.E.F.I. says:

    “I think those of us women who have beef with gaming are annoyed by it because we think it’s juvenile and not constructive.”

    –And many of those same women watch Dancing with the Stars/The Bachelorette/American Idol/etc., read celebrity gossip, and treat clothes shopping like it’s a recreational sport. Where exactly do any of those activities fall in the “constructive v. not constructive” and “juvenile v. non-juvenile” arguments?

    “We don’t like the idea of dudes spending that much time and energy into anything that’s not making them richer, finer, more toned, better people, or something that isn’t focused on us or the relationship.”

    –[I’ll ignore the more…materialistic aspects of that comment] The next time you’re prattling on about those cute heels that you just bought on sale, I’d like to see your man suggest that you go hit the treadmill instead of the mall. I’m sure you’ll thank him for wanting you to be a “finer, more toned, better” person. lol.

    Look, I’m a guy that really doesn’t spend a lot of time with video games. Madden is pretty much the only one I ever buy and play, and I’ve grown out of being one of those cats at the store at midnight waiting for it to go on sale. I understand how some girlfriends and wives have a beef with video games because they feel their men neglect them to play the games. And that’s a legitimate gripe, in those cases where it’s true. But it’s incredibly self-righteous and short-minded for single women to write a guy off because he enjoys playing video games.

    • Tolu says:

      @ onetrik: The DEFI’s comment = proof that men are NOT simple. lol. My comment to your article would be much to long to try to respond to so instead I’ll just say, “Hmmm, very interesting, thanks for sharing.”

      @The DEFI, wow. Clearly single women who write men off because they like to play video games aren’t the only ones who are “self-righteous” and “short-minded.”

      I have to admit, your comment eerily reminds me of those made by a guy named George Sodini. (

      Relax, bro. Having an affinity toward men who don’t particularly care for video games is just a preference. Or are single women not allowed to have those without being dismissed as self-righteous and short-minded? Dating is never about having a preference for some and not so much for others, right? Oh, but I get that dating is already difficult as it is without people actually deciding whether or not they like us based on what we value and what we choose to do with our time. So sorry. What the hell was I thinking? You know what? I take everything I said back. Sorry to have offended you so deeply. I had no right to state a preference or even an opinion. People should not do that. This is America after all and the democratization of the web has certainly not helped in the matter. I guess i’ll go and report myself now.

      Okay, all jokes aside, The DEFI, I don’t mean to mock you but surely you see the comedy in your response. It was a bit out of left field. You took my response and ran with it as far as you could. As much as I wanted to respond to each and every point you made on the merits, when I got to the end, it was kind of hard to take you seriously anymore. Besides, despite how much I just adore the ubf fellas, I’ve already given this blog enough of my attention for this week. I will say this tho:: the issue on the table was video games, not women’s recreational activity. If that issue had been posed, I would have done you proud pa probably would’ve answered it to your satisfaction. Obviously you thought that implicit in me calling videogames juvenile, then I must think that all women’s activities are valuable and justifiable. Nope. You got the wrong person. Check the record. Regardless of gender, I’m pretty equal opportunity when i’m calling out shit men/women do. Of course I know that women are just as likely to engage in self-indulgences that are juvenile, non-constructive, and annoying to men. Re-read the last sentence of my first comment: “[paraphrasing] gaming is something men do but we don’t have to like it.” And we don’t!!! Using ad hominems to make your point doesn’t change that. We are sophisticated people (yes, you too) and we can both express our opinions civilly without being presumptuous, reading too far into the text, or name calling.

      Your bad. You’re welcome.

  7. The D.E.F.I. says:

    *sigh* I think you’ve proved onetrik right more than I could have ever proved him wrong.

    I don’t want to turn his blog page into a long string of back & forth arguing, especially since you seem keen on writing books to talk around my points without actually debating them (and since you want to throw thinly-disguised accusations of misogyny at me, without actually knowing me). In fact, with all of your defensively-written and extraneous commentary, you’ve done more to discredit yourself than you have to dispute anything that I have said.

    I’ll sum this up with a couple of bullet points, and that will be the last I’ll be inconvenienced by your theatrics, so enjoy:

    >In my earlier response I stated, quite simply, that you can draw a parallel between men who use video games as a recreational activity and women who use shopping/reality TV/celebrity gossip/etc. They’re all escapists’ faire that serve no purpose to distinguish who these men and women are as people. You, however, have stated that you see a man who likes video games to be wasting his time on things which are “juvenile and not constructive”, and you imply that by extension that man is also juvenile and not constructive (and not bettering himself as a person). But this is highly judgmental, and an unfair assessment of a human being. You are using one small facet of his persona to paint an overall picture of his character. I highly doubt you would have nothing to say if a man were to tell you that he immediately rules out dating any women who watch “The Bachelor” because it means that they’re shallow, delusional, and materialistic. And so I (rightly) called that philosophy short-minded and self-righteous.

    >Please spare me your pompous lecturing: There was no “name calling” in my original response. I only stated two valid counter arguments to the poorly constructed philosophy that you set forward. In fact, your response contained far more disparaging remarks than mine did.

    Onetrik—I’m sorry that my honesty caused this drama on your page. Keep doing ya thing playa.

  8. Tolu says:

    @ The DEFI

    (1) Again, not going to respond to any of your comments on the merits (they have none) and as evidenced by the fact that you’re read my previous comments (thank you very much) you know that I am capable of arguing on the merit, i don’t need to “talk around [your] points.” Not going to let you draw me into juvenile, non-constructive, and might i add, futile exchange on something we both are entitled to have and express an opinion on. Per onetrik at the end of his post “What are your thoughts on videogames ubf? Do you avoid them and the men that play them?” I answered all three questions. He solicited the opinion of the readers and i gave mine. If you read any judgment into them (and notice i said the activity was juvenile and non constructive not the person), you read too much.

    (2) Per my book-like comments, thank you very much (I’ll be published soon, check me out). The ubf fellas love posts that generate comments. No need to be apologetic, I’m not.

    (3) Last, I’m not going to say/write anything I don’t believe in so if anyone goes in on a post i write or a comment i write, i will defend it (and as evidenced by your previous comment, so will you). Competently. But if it has no merit, no need for me to defend it on the merits.

    No apologies, you’re still welcome.

  9. That great! Thanks for us!

  10. That great! Thanks for us

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