No pedo…but is there such a thing as too young?

Most of you actively dating are quick to point to an age range for potential tendoronis. Depending on your age, there are certain limits and minimums (unless you want a visit from Chris Hansen).  As a firm believer in the philosophies of “to each is their own”, I’m not here to knock anyone’s hustle or preferences. In short, do you.

But in the interest of a little mid-week, hump day debate, let’s talk about whether or not there is requirement for getting a shot on the onetrik dating rollercoaster.

*** Disclaimer: there are no hard fast rules on this. I hold the right to throw any and all of this dialogue out at the drop of a dime. There will always be an exception that could walk in and make me regret posting any sort of “guidelines” on this here fine blog. So don’t come back trying to rub this in my face when I’m trying to date a pvyt…pretty very young thing…I digress***

Given my relatively recent acceptance into the illustrious dirty thirty club, I’ve come to realize my dating time should be reserved for those above a certain level of life experiences. Now this can be measured in any number of ways, but the easiest is by counting the number of candles on her last birthday cake. I’m not saying you need to have had as many experiences as Betty White or the type of experiences like Karrine Steffans. In case you were wondering, both of those extreme scenarios will get you cut before we even get to the age question (which is usually around drink 3 depending on the night).

The life experiences I’m referring to are those that come with being born early enough to actually remember the 80s. I’m talking about someone that remembers when cartoons were good and only came on Saturday mornings (forget having their own channel).  I’m talking about someone that peg-rolled their jeans so tight that their feet went numb by lunch (extra points if they were stone-washed jeans). I’m talking about a girl that couldn’t talk on the phone for more than 20 minutes because her parents didn’t have call-waiting (not to mention her little sister/brother picking up the phone downstairs and listening to the conversation). I want to spend time with a girl that had to call into The Box to request the videos she wanted to see (and then called the radio station so she could record the song off the radio to make a mixtape). I need a girl that would have been impressed by me picking her up in a ’95 Buick Park Avenue for prom (only time mom let me borrow the car). I want to talk to a girl that remembers when cell phones weren’t in color and didn’t do anything but make calls (and you only had 60 anytime minutes).

It isn’t that all those experiences are must-haves for determinging whether or not we will make it but I’m just not a fan of explaining to her who Lion-O is or why I have his glove in my closet. Or said another way, I shouldn’t be helping her study for any undergraduate courses because I’m too busy preparing for my upcoming 10 year college reunion. I’m more interested in being a cuddle buddy than a mentor.

So yes I would say there is such a thing as too young. I don’t know the exact date per se but I’m sure I’ll recognize it when I see it…no pedo.

What about you ubf? Do you have an age requirement for getting on your dating rollercoaster?

onetrik…aka mr. checking ids…


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3 Responses to pYt…

  1. Gator says:

    I tried to date a recent college graduate but after a few minutes of convo, I couldn’t go through with it. Mainly because she was speaking like she was reading a text message, saying “O-M-G!!!!’ whenever she was surprised. Now, I have established the cutoff at 25. I figure that by that age, she either has experienced some of the young adult life or has a close friend that shared their experiences with her. 3 years out of college is enough to have some stories in them right?

    Anyway, here’s some further reading for everybody

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  3. J says:

    What timing on your post. Just last night I went out with a cute boy that I found out (at drink 2 no less) was 10 years younger than me. 10 YEARS! Somehow we got on the topic of pagers, I told him I had one in my first year of college, he told me he had one in Jr. High.
    wow. Jr. High.
    Needless to say the conversation for the rest of the night was light.
    I still took him home, I’m not dumb. But I kicked him out when it was said and done.

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