there’ll be sad songs…

now we know how much you look forward to our wild salacious rants on the ills of dating, but we here at ubf also have a softer side (that we keep stored in a safe deposit box at the public national bank on 116th and madison)…and as much as it pains us to discuss the breakups that you ladies will undoubtedly cause…we do understand that these breakups are inevitable…so today we’ve decided to take a break from discussing how you cause them and focus more on one small aspect of the heart recovery  process…those songs that  help us to make sense out of it all…so after consulting with a group of current and former heartbreakers, we were able to compile this list of tracks designed to console the breakee (us) while also bashing the breaker (that’s you)…so without further ado…here are the top 10 break up tracks (listed in order of tear value)…with one to grow on…

– i’m a mess – anthony hamilton

– mine again – mariah carey

– if ever you’re in my arms again – peabo bryson (what’s an r&b list without peabo)

– doing just fine – boys II men

– last cry – brian mcknight

– brokenhearted – brandy

– fool of me – me’shell n’degeocello

– when can i see you again – babyface

– end of the road – boys II men…

– burn – usher

and how could we leave off the all time classic…oran juice jones – walking in the rain

although we’ve done our best to select those audible heart band-aids, we’re sure you may have some additional songs we may want to trial following  our next encounter with the grinch who stole our desire to ever love again…so let’s hear them…that means type them into the comment box…yeah that means you too b. adams…

don’t worry fellows…we’ll be sure to balance this out with a top “murder/death/kill/homicide” song list shortly…

elrock…recovering love addict…

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11 Responses to there’ll be sad songs…

  1. beazy says:

    be ok – chrisette michele
    i don’t wanna cry – mariah carey
    have you ever – brandy
    did you ever love me – deborah cox

  2. B.Adams says:

    Haha. Well since I got called out, here are some of my personal favorites…
    From the breakee POV, of course, because I could never be a heartbreaker :-)

    1. Better in Time- Leona Lewis (actually the whole album)
    2. I’d Rather Be Alone- Karyn White
    3. Broken Hearted Girl- Beyonce
    4. Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart- A. Keys
    5. Lessons Learned- A. Keys
    6. After the Hurricane- J. Sullivan
    7. Bust Your Windows- J. Sullivan (Just for those first few days post-break up aka “the angry phase”)

  3. Tolu says:

    I can’t think of any really, when my heart is broken i’m generally comatose. However, there is one always gets the water-works flowing every time (even when i dont have a broken heart!!!), Blu Cantrell’s “I’ll Find A Way.” It wasn’t really popular and I don’t know if anyone else has ever heard of it, so:

  4. Monique says:

    I Don’t Ever Want To See You Again – Uncle Sam

  5. Lynne says:


    1st – “after consulting with a group of current and FORMER heartbreakers” I didn’t hear my phone ring


    2nd – What has the world come to??? Back in my day, if your heart is all broke it was your job to find these songs on your own. You’re not supposed to have a list made for you! That’s just lazy.


  6. Lola Bakare says:

    AMY WINEHOUSE – Wake Up Alone. I slit my wrists a little bit whenever I hear this song.

  7. Serena says:

    this is not my forte as I don’t listen to these songs but that one from The Game when Melani and Derwin broke up and he was a mess, sleeping on the couch…”dreaming with a broken heart” by that guy with the “david duke” dick…
    “casue she’s gone…gone…gone… gooooooonnnne”

  8. tblack2008 says:

    Lost Without You – Robin Thicke
    Officially Missing You – Tamia
    All I Want is You – Miguel
    Cross My Mind – Jill Scott

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  10. Rod says:

    Ralph Tresvant – “Do what I gotta do”

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