2010 bet awards…

my summer home doesn’t have hbo so my viewing options were somewhat limited on a sunday night…it also currently doesn’t have ac (a situation that will be remedied wednesday if baby jesus loves me at all) but that also lends itself to  activities that require very little movement…and watching the bet awards filled that need…of course the little uppity voice in my head reminded me that i have arrived therefore i can only watch 72 minutes of bet a year and i must spend at least half of that complaining about their programming…but…when it’s 90 degrees INSIDE you tend to use all of your complain muscles on that topic which left me watching this year’s award show with a pretty open mind…and now i’d like to share some of my thoughts and pretend like you care…

queen latifah makes me happy…she’s like you favorite lesbian aunt…but you never call her that because you’re 9 and you don’t know what lesbian means…but every time she shows up i smile a little…

everybody always hates on drakes stage performances but i really don’t know what else non dancing rappers are suppose to do besides bounce and walk side to side waving their hands like they’re in a rapid child petting contest…”you say you like it like that/ i think i like it too/ half a million in a week/ it’s only right i do”…i kinda mess with that…

alicia keys makes me want to go get married so she can wreck my home as well…

nia long is the reason i wake up every morning…nicki minaj’s verses are the reason i go to sleep every night…her rap style is like the little kid that never got picked for kickball…and it never should’ve got picked for rap style either…i would probably still lay on her booty though…

good to see t.i. doing his t.i. thing…

el debarge reminded us why light skinned cats with good hair used to get all the ladies in the 80‘s but that encore performance seemed kinda random…and i coulda sworn he use to have a family that rolled 15 deep…

the diddy/dirty money set looked like it took place in snoop’s tour bus…bet made sure they got their money’s worth from that fog machine…

chris breezy definitely did his thing…but let’s face it…he’s been practicing that act since they cut him from the show last year…still doesn’t take away from the fact that he smashed it though…kinda like he smashed rihanna’s face…but i guess we forgot about that…i actually believe that everybody…and i mean most everybody deserves a second chance…i really want to see this young cat back on top, but we can’t treat him like he just beat cancer and not his ex…his performance last night should go a long way in bringing him back to the mainstream…that speech was a nice touch as well…

debra lee looked like she fell into a cotton candy machine…

before patti labelle there were just ladies and b’s…she made them invent a new category…and any time she kicks her shoes off…somebody somewhere is having a good time…

prince is a musical genius…i know this because he is the only cat that can show up in heels, full make up and a satin gown with his picture on it and no one even mentions it…and he still leaves with 3 of the baddest chicks you’ve ever seen in your life…i wore a wash cloth on my head a few times my freshmen year in college and i’m still hearing about it…and 3 of the baddest chicks i’ve ever seen are probably hanging out with prince or onetrik tonight…

ray-j over estimates his importance in our lives…i think he may love himself as much as kanye…but he’s not talented enough to rap about it…i wish he would stick to delivering club bangers once every 3 years…

dj khaled sure is active for a dj…i don’t know if i’ve ever seen him with turntables…but he and rick ross should put out a new song every 4 months…however…they should never try to share the same couch with 3 other people…

i enjoyed the show but i am definitely interested in hearing some other thoughts from the evening…ubf…what moved/irritated/bewildered you about this year’s bet awards…

elrock…with sweat dampened keys…

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6 Responses to 2010 bet awards…

  1. Monique says:

    Keyshia Cole’s hair confused me. It looked like a classier version of a mullet. Although I always thought classy and mullet should never be in a sentence together.
    Monica’s top confused me too.
    Esperanza Spalding had a serious dream catcher around her neck when she did her thing for the Prince tribute.
    What happened to Fabolous, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, and Swizz Beatz during the All I Do is Win Remix?
    Tyrese did a good job!
    Alicia Keys scared me when she got off that piano. Did anyone else see Prince look over at Swizz Beats during that part?
    Kirk Franklin is a great song writer, but he really needs to stick to writing and not singing!
    Queen Latifah did a GREAT job! Opening was great. She is one of the best to host the award show.

  2. morningjoi says:

    “i really want to see this young cat back on top, but we can’t treat him like he just beat cancer and not his ex” – AGREED

    haven’t seen the awards yet, but i’m sure i’ll agree on the rest too.

  3. C.Driver says:

    I appreciated Chris Brown’s performance up until that ridiculous cry that lasted WAY too long. I was thinking, dude seriously, WRAP IT UP (chappelle voice). But, props to CB for finally listening to his PR people and giving the world a show. I’m thinking it went something like this, “Chris, at the end of man in the mirror, since this song is technically about you, we’re going to need to you give the most amazing bitch cry the world has ever seen and this is the only way people will love you again.”

    CB is talented though, he’ll be back on top soon.

  4. KBKizzle says:

    LOL @ “alicia keys makes me want to go get married so she can wreck my home as well…”

    I couldn’t stop laughing all night so the Best Awards go to….

    Best Outfit: I always knew that Red Bull gave you wings but Monica took that sh*t literally..she almost flew away, ” Boy if you ever….”

    Best Sponsor Award: Tie between at Cititrends and Kmart (Macy’s came in third)

    Best Comeback Award: El Debarge proved once again that light-skinned, wavy hair and a little crack will get you redemption every time

    Best Dance Performance Award: Alicia Keys decided to show us the moves that got Swizz all up in her Beatz….

    The Overall WTF and Who the Hell are You Award: Esperanza Spalding for messing up my favorite Prince song

    I must go re-watch the foolishness before I can comment further….

  5. Niki B. says:

    Michael Craig you always so smart and funny. i wondered the whole time, what in the hell is Prince wearing? who is Esperanza Spalding??? not impressed, good singer, but not a Prince song. same as the pretty girl before her, didn’t know who she was either, but was just left with, they should never touch a Prince song again.

    Monica–good singer, but can she please develop a personality? she is so boring to watch, not listen to, but watch. although still many of her songs are about her boring ass way of thinking, so i can’t bring myself to ever really say i’m a fan of Monica.

    poor Chris Brown. he is so talented. and so angry. i loved him the most and hope he gets back on top of his game. but he did beat the hell out of that girl and it obviously didn’t have the same effect on her as ike had on tina. so maybe he has learned what his talent really is.

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