hello…the endangered greeting…

Last weekend, I came to the realization that “hello” may be the latest victim of becoming extinct. No seriously. We need to get a hold of the greetings equivalent of PETA. Petitions need to be signed. Sit-ins planned. The time is now for us to stand up on behalf of all those “hellos” lost to never be seen again…

Ok off of my soapbox for a second to explain the condition I’m referring to. While sitting in a restaurant with the homie morningjoi, we witnessed a young gentleman approach a table of 4 women next to us. While this is not suprising as the table featured a beautiful collection of young ladies, the surprise was his tactic of choice used to garner attention that would hopefully lead to coitous.

He went with a very daring approach of extending his hand to the PYT of his liking. Within his hand, a business card (assuming it was real, he did have a job…congrats to the young brother). He then said, “Call me sometime.”


While morningjoi awarded him points for possessing what she referred to as “gangsta,” I wasn’t quite as blown away by the introduction.

He literally let his chances rest on: A) her opinion of his look (he was in white T and jeans – fairly forgettable); B) her opinion of his government name (I crossed my fingers that his name was in the bible and not the ghetto dictionary, for his sake); C) her feelings towards his employer’s address. As you can see, he was truly letting Jesus take the wheel.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the first time he’s went with this “go to move” as it didn’t seem to be out of character when he performed it flawlessly (in terms of execution not effectiveness). With that said, I was left wondering if this had worked previously given his reliance on it. Would it have been so hard to maybe say “Hello. My name is Mr. Business Card. Excuse me as I don’t mean to interrupt your meal with your friends but I must say that I thought you were beautiful and caught my attention. If you are available, I’d enjoy taking you out and getting to know you better.”?

Even if he didn’t say all of that, I would have at least wanted him to lead with a “hello” but it appears that those are extinct.

Moment of silence…

What do you ladies see as the best way to be approached?

onetrik…mr. goodbye hello…

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9 Responses to hello…the endangered greeting…

  1. morningjoi says:

    I admit, a hello and formal intro would have definitely been better. Clearly, I am jaded by the lack of aggressiveness in LA. I rarely see men on the west coast straight up approach women – especially a group of them – out of the blue. They normally punk around waiting on a girl to rub up against them.

    Sigh: I miss the south/midwest/east coast right now.

    So for the record, you win this one.

    • JenTyus says:

      morningjoi…I’m in the Midwest. It’s no different here. Actually, it may be worse. At least in LA you get a man with a business card. The last time I went out, a guy said “D*amn, you look good in them muthaf*ckin glasses. Can I put my number in your phone?”

      • morningjoi says:

        LOL! Well, I’m not saying the wackness never happens anywhere else… but if I was going to rank the 4 cities I’ve lived in based on the likelihood that men approach women in a direct manner with clear intentions, LA would definitely be at the bottom. In the scenario that onetrik mentions, the gentleman crossed over a (small) distance, interrupted the table’s conversation, spoke directly to his woman of interest, and made a request. You don’t see that happen here with any type of frequency at all. There’s a lack of boldness & clarity here that a Southern girl like me (and many women no matter where they’re from) finds curiously disappointing. The guy in your example had a very faulty approach, but at least he wasn’t pussyfooting around.

  2. rae says:

    this is a great post and is even more interesting that is from a male perspective. while I do applaud his bold tactics this “man of the hour” took a huge gamble. luckily he wasn’t clowned out of the restaurant by the selected “PYT” and her friends. a casual and friendly hello before a man goes for the kill is always appreciated by myself and every female that I know…all this to say…let’s bring back the lost art of hello.

    • morningjoi says:

      Well, he did say “excuse me” before handing the card over with the “call me sometime” line. Mr. onetrik fails to mention that.

      • admittedly strength finders didn’t include memory on my list but I don’t recall this phantom “excuse me”…however I do remember the awkward lean, extension of hand and dropping of card…leaving the PYT with a face that can be summed up with three letters..WTF…

  3. C.Driver says:

    That may have worked if we were at a professional mixer and he looked like Boris Kodjoe but, approaching me at the dinner table with 3 of my friends without a “hello” or “how are you lovely ladies doing” is definitely grounds for me giving you the side eye and leaving your card on the table.

  4. TT says:


    I actually don’t usually have a problem with men approaching me in LA. However, I will admit that most of the time I approach them; mostly because I’m choosey.

    Onetrik, I don’t think there is one “best way” to be approached. It all depends on the guy: whether or not I’m even interested, whether he’s boo material, husband material, or sexy time material. It can be very broad.

    I want to be approached in the way that best fits the vibe/goo goo eyes I’m giving off. And if I’m not giving them, walk away….you know how I do onetrik. You’ve seen me in action.

    I would have probably laughed at dude though. And told him no.

  5. TT says:

    ok…just realized this post is 3 months old. Elrock told me about that ish..

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