to play or not to play…

No not that kind of playing. I’ll save that for another day and another time.

Instead I’m talking about every man’s (digital) mistress…video games.

For starters if your man (or the man you want to be your man) doesn’t play any sort of video games, you should immediately ask him why not. If he is 40+, his answer will make sense regardless of what he says because he is old(er) (and if you yourself are not old, congrats on dodging the bullet on this topic). If he is under 40, his answer does not make any sense regardless of what he says (sidenote: there are a few questions like this that the reason doesn’t matter such as “why don’t you own nan pair of sneakers?”).

Now assuming your man is indeed open to picking up the ‘stiqs from time to time, this past week was a very important week for determining how he will be spending his upcoming fall. The leading gaming companies gathered in Los Angeles for the annual E3 conference (where the latest and greatest in video games was announced). My day job got me a front row seat for all the goings on. Unfortunately thanks to those announcements, you will not only be competing with football this fall but a large amount of gaming goodness as well.

My partner-in-crime, elrock, gave you the heads up for how to handle football so I’m here to do the same for video games.

Lucky for you, not all is lost as you have time to make a key decision: Will you play or not play?

If your answer is not to play, it was nice knowing you and maybe we’ll run into each other next spring but probably not as my new girlfriend (who chose correctly) doesn’t think it is a good idea for us to see each other.

If your answer is the right answer aka to play, I’m going to give you the insider information on what you can expect to see in gamer lairs across the country.

The biggest news had to be the introduction of motion gaming across consoles. What does this mean? Don’t be surprised to see the coffee table stored in the office/bathroom/closet/garage. We don’t even drink coffee on it. We drink our coffee at Starbucks so it isn’t a huge loss. I’ll find somewhere else to prop my feet during your (boring) rom coms. With both Microsoft and Sony releasing tech that will allow me to kick, punch and jump my way to high scores, I’d suggest you stretch before coming over.

Another game changer was Sony’s focus on 3D gaming. What does this mean? I’ll need a new TV. Before you even ask, no my current 62’ incher isn’t broken. But its 2D limitations will not allow me to really get into the game so make room at your place to upgrade your cute 42’ incher (Yes we agree size does matter). If you limit your eye rolling, there may be a pair of 3D glasses in it for you.

The new Rockband has features that will teach me how to actually play real instruments. What does this mean? Well for one, I’ll be standing on the couch more often than not so have 911 on speed dial. Secondly, I’ll be starting a band. We’ll be hosting gigs in worst case the living room or best case hole-in-the-wall bars. Your attendance and support is required as groupie #1. Consider it a big scoop of QT. And lastly, sleeping at my place will require a new level of dedication (or Air Force-grade ear plugs).

As always, there will be a credit card full of new games I’ll be picking up. They range from action to fighting to shooting to racing to sports so you should be able to pick a genre that suits your fancy. I recommend focusing on one vs. trying to dabble in all of them as I’ll have about 13 minutes of patience for your learning curve.

With this information, you will be able to turn my affair into a threesome of epic proportions. Kudos to you and welcome to par-tay.

Any thing else the UBF fam excited to play this fall?

onetrik…mr. and mrs. pac-man to be…


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2 Responses to to play or not to play…

  1. C.Driver says:

    I’m definitely playing & I’m excited about a couple new games coming out this fall. Of course you must get the new Madden every year so Madden 11 and COD Black Ops are on my list. I learned to get into video games long time ago. If your bf plays video games for hours either get with it or get lost. LOL.

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