happy father’s day?

so as most of you know…yesterday was father’s day…don’t know how the rest of you missed out but one of the missions of ubf is to keep our people informed…i spent some time in the city looking for work clothes…because i work now…and at every stop, polite cashiers and sales people would ask me if i did anything special for father’s day…as if walking through nordstom’s rack wasn’t special enough…those that know me, know why i usually don’t make special plans for this particular holiday(r.i.p. to the big homie)…these folks obviously weren’t in the know and i decided not to get my billy buzzkill on…so i usually replied with  “i’m buying this shirt so i can meet someone special and if i play my cards right…i’ll be getting my own ugly tie next year”…or something like that…on a quick sweep through cole haan i was having a similar exchange with a young lady who told me she was only getting her dad a shirt because he really hadn’t been that much of a father to her…so i immediately started wondering how many other “fathers” were getting gifts they hadn’t really earned…

unfortunately our community is flooded with mommies playing daddy…and not because these missing fathers got sold off, went off to fight for freedom or something else clever that i can’t think of right now…these cats just stopped showing up…well except for christmas and father’s day… when they would show up in that baby blue silk short set with the sandals and tube socks to collect those father’s day accolades…well i have some news for you papa smurf…miscalculating the pull out makes you a father in the same way spitting out watermelon seeds makes you a horticulturalist…so it’s time for you to do one of two things…

your first option is to only keep the part of the present you’ve earned…if you get that “world’s greatest dad” mug…go ahead and break the handle off and give the rest of the cup back for a real father to drink coffee out of as he goes in to make that family bread…if you get a tie…just clip off that little tag in the back and give the rest to a real father so he can rock it to a father daughter dance…if you get shoes…well maybe you can keep those on and get to steppin…but don’t walk too far because there’s always…..

option number 2…which is by far my personal favorite…take responsibility…start being a father…a for real father…of the 356 day a year variety…it’s absolutely not too late…if you’re having a hard time figuring out what that means just watch a few episodes of the cosby show or think back to your own past and times you were either happy to have your father around or times you just wished he was there and do those things…sounds simple i know…

i do understand that relationships with crazy baby mamas can make this difficult, but let’s face it…she’s only been crazy since about 9 weeks after conception when you decided that your relationship wasn’t really working out…so put a pause on those excuses…it’s time to step up and provide your sons and daughters with the love and support they need in those early years of development…and by early i mean 0 to about 78…and sure…being current on that child support is way better than not being…but it still doesn’t measure up to being current on that time spent…

although i’m not usually one for shouting out people doing what they’re suppose to do…i definitely want to take time out to thank those dudes that are out there handling daily daddy duties…happy father’s day…

who are the fathers, brothers, uncles etc that you found yourself thinking about yesterday…

elrock…i brought you into this world…ok…no i didn’t…

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5 Responses to happy father’s day?

  1. Monique says:

    I sent my sperm donor a card, because without him I wouldn’t be here, but I did spend a pretty penny on my step father (aka real daddy). He deserves it. He took me in as his own and continues to express nothing but love towards me. He is a very protective man, but who wouldn’t be while being the only male in a house with 5 females (wife & 4 daughters). I never thought I’d be a Daddy’s Girl, but it looks like I am and I love it. I am so happy that he is still in my life (returned from Iraq in March) and that I still have the opportunity to express how much I love him.

  2. Brittany says:

    Well written elrock…my new favorite pass time is Us, Bottles, and Friends.

  3. missjlucas says:

    This was really special, MC…errr, elrock. Almost had me shed a tear. I had an absent father for a while, but he may have gotten your message early somehow because he’s stepping it up so I thought of him. I thought of my uncle who was more of a father to me in my childhood than my dad ever was (though dad’s catching up). And I thought of my gramps…cause he’s gramps…a very, very special man.
    Keep it up UBF…good stuff!

  4. mboogie says:

    really enjoyed this post! Fathers day got me thinking bout my dad who has always been there for me…even tho his own dad was never there for him while growing up. I know a number of male friends who worry about being good dads b/c they never had a responsible father in their lives…my dad as shown me the capacity to be both good mothers and fathers is w/in all of us…even if we dont always have a good example. At the end of the day…i believe we create our own destines…

  5. Terri says:

    well written. keep it up; really enjoy the posts.

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