sneaker chics…

Most women would agree that a man’s shoes can be a very telling sign about who he is (and how many dinners he can afford). But I’m here to tell you that the converse is happening right now as well. Yep. You heard me correctly. I (along with my fellow gentlemen comrades) am judging you based on your shoe game.

Now Manolos, Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, Guccis, Giuseppes, etc. are fine and dandy for those nights when you step out in your freak-em wears, but there are those other scenarios when you should go with alternative feet candy. What else is there? Sneakers. Don’t believe me (Stop being so sexist). Look at what one of your own had to say about stepping up your sneaker game. My homegirl Puff covered why she is (and you should be) a sneaker chic in her post and I support all of her reasons.

Assuming you are interested in this crazy idea of comfortable shoes, the next step is putting together your collection. Yes you should have a collection. Simply having a pair of running shoes you wear to the gym doesn’t count (but you do get bonus points for your not being afraid of a little sweat). Similar to your finest heels, your sneakers should be kept in top shape and put on display.

So what are the must-haves for every women looking to attract a sneaker-head through shoe flirting?

The following are the (my) top five in order of increasing coppage:

5) Chucks  – It may be a west coast bias, but a girl rocking a pair of Chucks shows she is comfortable in her own skin. She is definitely down to earth and doesn’t always need the glitz and glamour. This kind of girl will not only get called for dinner/movie date but also for the random day of running around the city looking for the best burger joint or any other excuse I can come up with to see you for an entire day.

4) Air Force Ones (lows) – If you know about Ones (or Uptowns), consider yourself one of the cool kids and feel free to come sit by me during lunch. The flexibility offered by Ones is a girl’s best friend. Any color combo is suggested but the white on whites are the committee’s (of one) pick. Be sure to pick up that sneaker cleaner as you will no doubt have that day where they get a little scuffed and it isn’t in our future children’s best interest for you to be in a bad mood when we meet.

3) Js – Most importantly, do not show your lack of shoe education by referring to them as Jordans (or even worse Michael Jordan’s). As THE sneaker that has transformed every man’s view of what a sneaker should be and how it can give you instant cred, you have to pick up a pair of Js. I recommend picking up the Vs but rocking any pair will take you from “She’s kinda cute” to “Damn I hope my homie didn’t see her yet because I plan on spending the rest of my life with her having little sneakets in Sneakerville.” Ok maybe not that extreme but it will definitely get you positively noticed as opposed to being noticed for your Sketcher Shape-ups.

2) Nike Shox – As much as it pains me to say this as the biggest Nike fanboy, the Shox have to go down as the worst pair of running/training shoes ever. The funny thing is that they were not intended for that purpose but instead to be worn by women (with yoga pants). Nothing, I repeat nothing, is better than the girl that comes into the gym/grocery/book store/funeral/AA meeting with a crisp pair of Nike Shox. Well with the exception of the…

1) Air Max 95 – The most beautiful shoe to ever hit pavement. And beautiful women should have beautiful things. Enough said but if you need further convincing, these are guaranteed to give you an additional 2 points (e.g. 5 to 7, 8 to 10, 10 to Stop being greedy).

+ Honorable Mention: Adidas Shell Toes (I’m against rocking the three stripes but I give you a B- for effort), Creative Recreation (A slept on brand by most women when their best looking options are actually in the your section), and Air Max 90s (Second in the Air Max family to the 95s but the look is a good one).

So there you have it, the blue print to winning your next ex over via feet candy. It looks like someone has some shopping to do. This should help you get started.

As I only focused on my favorites, what do you other guys like to see on the ladies? And for extra credit, what fresh pairs do the ladies like to see on us guys?

onetrik…Mr. Sneaker Snob…

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15 Responses to sneaker chics…

  1. ess que says:

    Dude! You left off my personal fav – Asic Ultimate 81s (Onitsuka Tigers)… LOVE them, and they’re waaaaay better than those Nike Shox you need to remove from your list immediately! <—Mine :-)

  2. morningjoi says:

    Clearly you’re hella biased to one brand in particular. Are we sure this isn’t for “women looking to attract one particular sneaker-head (Nike slore) through shoe flirting”?

  3. Puff says:

    Dang it! I don’t like chucks, but I really want that burger phone call =/. Maybe since I live in Chi City I could get away with some brightly colored 1’s. Hmmmmm…

  4. i agree with only two pairs of kicks u have put up for the following reasons:
    1s do not look cute on women with larger feet (size 8+). they are hugely bulky and look like monster feet.
    jordans are best left to men. women with jordans…eh.

    dope kicks for ladies i think work better (and a bit more feminine:
    nike sprint sister, blazers, and cortez
    adidas shell toes

    I agree with the chucks and air max 95s. a vintage pair of huraches might gain u a husband asap!

    • spoken as a true sneakerhead…the committee (of one) stands in agreement with your adds and understands your concerns with the original five…you may have just bumped the list to a top 10…great catch on the huraches as that may actually yield immediate results…now my shoes would like to ask your shoes out on a date…

  5. mboogie says:

    I have to chime in…*love the list* (caveat: I’m biased b/c i got all of these joints…95s since 1995)…However…what about the Vans? And PS: Tho i will never rock Reeboks…girls who could/can rock Reebok pumps get 4 snaps in a Z formation from me…

    • Vans are another great add…definitely fall in the Chucks back-up role…this is starting to feel like a basketball team…

      I’d put pumps a few levels back on Js but a true B-girl could definitely pull them off…I just wouldn’t recommend starting her collection with them as I doubt she is going to get many chances to pull them out of the shoe box unless she is dating Dee Brown…

  6. beazy says:

    I recall a conversation where you thought chics shouldn’t wear sneakers unless they were working out…dare I believe that we are evolving in our 30’s

  7. A...H... says:

    Sssoooooo what about the girl that has 4 out of your top 5 up there in her collection but her preferred shoe of choice is the high heel…what do you say about her? Are those her secret weapons??

    The beauty of the woman is that we have many different sides to us…that’s what keeps you guessin…

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