Remember when 25+ seemed wrong?

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face. No not that kind of smile but instead the smile of actually getting a full night’s rest. It was Monday morning so you’d think that this isn’t that big of a deal. You’d obviously not be from LA if you were thinking that. For some reason, the City of Angels thinks it makes more sense to party on Sunday nights than the traditional Friday/Saturday night protocol that more traditional cities follow. Given a plethora of options to stay out until the wee hours on a school night, I made the mature choice (read as the “sat on the couch and realized I didn’t have the energy to get off unless it involved my bed” choice) of staying in.

What led me to this decision (forgetting for a moment that I’m lazy)?

Outside of the obvious reasons (Did I mention it was Sunday), the true tipping point was that the lead option* revealed a last minute red flag. During my usual pre-game recon, I discovered a fact that I hadn’t seen in over 6-8 years. The party listed that it was an “18+ club.” I instantly thought “I don’t have 17 other friends that want to go out.” But then it dawned on me that they were not referring to group size but instead age.

I’ll wait as that sets in…

Yeah WTF? 18+? Who would send me an email for a place like this? A) An enemy B) Dateline NBC C) A money hungry promoter D) All of the above.

All of that to say my decision to stay home (that is what Sundays are for right?) was solidified and I was able to get a much needed full night of sleep and woke up with that smile.

With all that rest, I spent my morning thinking about back in the day when I was young, dumb, and full of…shall we say material. I had a strong disdain for the places that hosted 25+ parties. I wasn’t 25 yet but I was just as mature and capable of wasting disposable income on overpriced liquor. I knew how to electric slide. I listened to old school music (Thanks Mom). Why couldn’t I party with my elders?

Today I received the answer to that question. 25+ year olds (really 28+ but 25 is a sexier number and you tend to act right when your insurance goes down) don’t want the “Young Money”  types in their party. And if you disagree, go sit in the time-out corner with Nicki Minaj.

As much as I hate to admit I was wrong (we’ll call it delayed right), 25+ makes sense and should probably be instituted on a more regular basis. But it could be all that extra sleep talking, what do all of you think?


*Aside: Angelenos are always presented with options equally spaced apart through out the city. Selection proves to be a key decision as a misfire could cost you 20/20/20/20. 20 minutes it takes to get to the next place, $20 for valet parking at the wrong place, 20 more guys gained entry ahead of you in the correct place and $20 worth of gas spent on the night. Not Priceless.


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One Response to Remember when 25+ seemed wrong?

  1. morningjoi says:

    25+ was never wrong! But that’s b/c I’m a girl and was always let in at the parties. :-) #youngtenderdays

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